PH and Cannabis

When you’re looking at improving the plant itself, one thing to understand is the importance of a PH. PH is very important for the soil since it does affect the nutrient absorption. You know already that plants need nutrients to grow correctly, including macronutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, and also minerals as well and other micronutrients. If plants can’t access this, it makes them deficient and leads to bad health issues. 

The problem with cannabis is that they only take nutrients within a certain level of PH, so if it’s not between 6-7 or so, it can in fact make it so that they lock themselves out of nutrients in a lot of cases. In many places where cannabis is able to thrive out in the wild, they have an environment that’s acidic. You want to grow cannabis however that’s optimal, and you also need to lower the ph. in a hydroponic medium, or else the soil won’t be able to provide the plants with the proper nutrients. 

The benefits of Maintaining pH 

The best thing to do is to maintain this, and it can help out immensely. You’ll have plants that are healthier, have better growth, and it doe improve the harvest. Plus you’re saving a lot of time and money too. You want to check the ph. of the plants at all times and catch the imbalances of this quite early on in order to minimize the nutrient deficiencies as well in this. 

The problem: imbalances 

One of the most common things that happen to these plants though is the imbalances. Cannabis can only work with a small kind of pH window, so if it goes above or below, your plant will not be able to have nutrients, and it will then experience nutrient deficiency as well. You want to make sure that this doesn’t happen because nutrient lockout happens when cannabis can’t get the nutrients that they need in the soil, or even through the fertilizers used to provide this. It causes a buildup of slat over near the root area, and it results in people not getting the nutrients to their plants, and usually causes a mineral undershooting too. 

The Best pH

The best pH is something that you should definitely achieve. In an ideal world, you’ll have this around 6-7 or so, similar to how humans are with certain foods. However, there is no number that’s considered the “best” but it’s good to understand the fluctuation within the window that you have, in order to understand the proper uptake of this. So when you adjust, check of course how it is when you water, and even after you water. 

It does go up and down, but as long as it isn’t above 7 you should be good. Soil is a lot more forgiving than other types of medium when you look at the pH imbalances, but you can only give it so much. If you grow it organically where you don’t give them nutrients, the ph. is a lot less of an issue. If you’re using soil with a compost that has organic matter, the microorganisms will be able to get the nutrients into there, however a lot of people will use the potting mixes with the nutrients already thrown in there to help with the pH since it’s the best way to do it. 

But understanding this is good because it helps with you better understanding the best results possible with this, and also lets you get the healthiest cannabis plant that you can, and also help with it to grow too.