The pros and Cons of Regenerating Cannabis

Did you know that you can actually enjoy a plant again? There is a process called revegging or regeneration, and here, we’ll discuss what it is, and if it’s right for you or not. 

First, what is it? 

This is actually repairing the tissues of the plants. As an annual, cannabis is a bit limited to their growing seasons, which is why no matter what we do, that’s usually how long it grows for.  It usually is something that, once it’s gone, it’s gone. Regeneration is basically hacking this, and basically you revert this to the vegetive state, and you can use this again for another harness, though it’s a bit less fruitful than the first one. 

Why Do This? 

There are a few reasons that are good for revegging the cannabis plants. There are benefits, and while the science may seem a little bit complex to use, it’s got some real good upsides. First, it preserves the phenotypes, especially if you have a plant that’s really good and you don’t want to lose this. You can keep the exact replica of this. 

It also increases the viability of these plants too. Since you’re taking cuttings of this, and it can expand the state of the crop too, and this is something that both recreational and holistic types of growers may do.  It’s good as well if you want to have two quality plants, and you’ll know that these plants are good too. You don’t need to keep the mother plant as well, since it doesn’t need to be there. A lot of growers will keep plants for as long as they can, and somethings pulling clones in order to preserve this. Regeneration offers this, and it can be something that’ll help you keep that same plant, while also not sacrificing space and everything else too. 

It also reduces the vegetive period, which means that you don’t have to worry about it taking too long to take the roots, and the roots are already there in the first place so you’ve got a good start. And finally, you’re getting more bud from a plant that you love. This is something that’s ideal for those cannabis growers who want something that they know is a good plant, and to keep it around for a long period of time. 

The downsides 

That isn’t to say that it’s all easy or anything. Probably the biggest difficulty that’s there is well, getting it done. A lot of people get this wrong even if they’re not a newbie to this. You’ll want to get familiar with this and learn how to do this, and also understand that you may not get this perfect the first go. The cool thing though is that you can take a few of the cuttings from the plant, so it’s something that you can mess up a few times. 

There is also the time aspect of this.  It can take a few weeks before you see regrowth of this, and it can take a while to reach the stage of flowering that you want. Finally, it’s the training aspect of this. They need to be trained in order to get the ideal yields for this, and the training process is quite hard for this, and you’re going to be working with a plant skeleton rather than a new plant. But if you think you can handle it, and you want to see if you can try your hand, then go for it. It’s also something that’s good to at least try once too.