All about the Roots of Cannabis

Cannabis roots are actually very good and they come with a lot of good application. Similar to the rest of the plant itself, there are different benefits that the plant has for this, including improving the mood, reducing bodily tension, and a whole bunch of other purposes, so it is a vital part with helping the person as well. They’re incredibly vital and are great for holistic medicine too. 

The history of Use 

It’s not common to hear people talk about using this, but in ancient China, going all the way back to 2700 BC, this was something that they used to help with pain after surgery or to help with bone fractures and breaks. They would dry up the herb, ground it up, and then apply it to an area topically. 

They also would make tea to help with soothing the body and other problems.  There are also some reports that they used this to help with neutralizing poison. This was used for a lot of therapeutic means, and even Romans used this to help with soothing burns, joint care, and easing gout in people. In the 18th century, it was found that William Salmon, an English scholar, wrote about how cannabis use can help with sciatica and other symptoms. There is a link that shows this too. 

The modern Usage 

While the plant has a lot of great uses, the roots are still useful to be used too. Cannabis roots are a whole lot less popular than the flower themselves though, but they’re still on the market. The root is used as an extract in balms, lotions, oils, and a whole lot more. It’s not ingestible, but you can steep it in tea as well, and also create it into a powdered texture as well and add other aromatic tastes to this to help with the flavors as well. 

Do they have Terpenes and Cannabinoids though 

There is evidence that shows that it does contain some cannabinoids in it, mostly CBD, but it’s not enough to create a really different effect. The concentration of this does base on the strain, and the cultivation means too. In a study done in 2012, it was found that the flowers did have CBDA in them, which is the precursor to CBD. Before the heat gets applied, this does contain cannabinoid acids, but it’s not the cannabinoids that we know. There are still studies that must be done on the strains with higher levels of THC, but it does have lower concentrations of this. What about terpenes though? Right now, there were terpenes found in this, that actually don’t exist in concentrations otherwise. These are friedelin and epifriedelanol, which are triterpenoids that do defend against predators, which are still being studied. 

Are there benefits? 

Right now, there isn’t a bunch of research on this, but from the trace amounts that we did find, there was something. Right now, there are studies that suggest that there are some inflammatory and other harmful conditions that could benefit from this. There are also different ways cannabis roots are therapeutic. 

Remember the triterpenoids that we mentioned? There is a potential for it to be protective of the liver, and it also may have anti-microbial effects to a degree, and also may be used to help with inflammation. It also contains choline, which is really good for nerve and brain growth and development and also keeps the nervous system working. So yes, there are potential benefits for this, and while it isn’t used all that much, there are benefits to be had.