All About CBD tinctures

When you look at the different ways to take CBD, there is one that a lot of people like to use, and that’s CBD tinctures. There are a ton of options for you to use, and here, we’ll go over what they are, and the benefits of such. 

What are they 

They are concentrated forms of herbal extractions, and they come in a liquid type and are administered via a few drops each. CBD ones are made through steeping these flowers in high-proof alcohol.  The tinctures are usually also used with glycerin and vinegar in place of this, but alcohol offers the best tincture possible. It takes a long time, but it’s also simple to do, and creates a potent mixture. They also don’t contain more than .3% THC, and this is different from cannabis tinctures. They won’t make you high, but there are a ton of benefits to this. 

Is this the same as oil? 

Well, they both are concentrates of liquid with CBD and other kinds of additives to this, and you can typically find both in small bottles. But some retailers may label oils as an oil tincture, which causes confusion. There are some differences though. Tinctures are usually made with a raw hemp that’s infused into the alcohol base. The CBD oil tinctures are made through infusing the CBD isolate within the carrier oil of choice, either olive, MCT, or hemp oil. There are actually some benefits to the alcohol base, which include the following: 

  • They offer a much longer shelf life 
  • They are easy to add to drinks and food 
  • Their bioavailability is high, so it’s easily absorbed into the body as well 

Homemade or Store-bought? 

Some people may choose to make their own, others go commercial.The commercial ones use the CO2 extraction or an alcohol to create the purified form of the isolate, used in the carrier base. Because of this, a lot of tinctures get mislabeled as oils as well. While the oil-based ones normally don’t meet the definition used for tincture, this term gets to be used to market all of the concentrated CBD extraction that’s done in a dropper and is also taken sublingually and usually helps distinguish these tinctures from other products that are there. The quality tinctures offer convenience and a high level of purity, with the oil-based ones and the CO2 extraction ones are very potent. 

How to use 

They are concentrated, so you just need to use a few drops with this, and they have found that for micro-dosing the CBD, this is the best way to do it. If you want something stronger, add a few more drops. They are usually bitter, but the bitterness can be masked by putting them in a drink or food, such as in coffees and teas. You can also take it under the tongue usually, and typically, it gets into the body a lot faster than in the foods you have. 

You can usually hold your tongue over it, with the tincture under it for about a minute, and the effects will be felt in about 15 or so minutes. They can be used topically and also orally too, and you can get the skin benefits from this. This is also a good way to get the benefits that you want from CBD, with a more discreet sort of way. You don’t need to vape or smoke it, but instead, it just goes under the tongue. This is very easy to conceal too, and you can adjust this easily.